(Add letter “N” for Nipple type: i.e. T-203N)
Engine Make Engine Model Part # N Valve
Caterpillar 3304, 3306, 3406, 3406B, 3406, 3406E, 3408, 3412, 3456, 3176, 3126, 3204 T-205 T-205N
C-10, C-11, C-12 ,C-13, C-15 (Acert model use ADP-205 adapter), C-16, C-18 T-205 T-205N
Above listed engines with optional NPT 1″-12 plug (tapered) T-200 T-200N
1100, 1140, 1145, 1150, 3054, 3056, 3100, 3116, 3126B,3126E,3208, C-6, C-6.6, C-7, C-9 T-204 T-204N
3508, 3512 N/A N/A
Cummins B-Series(3.3L,3.9L & 5.9L), C-Series (8.3L), ISB, ISC, ISL engines F-104 F-104N
Signature Series, ISX, QSX15 T-211 T-211N
K19, QSK19 ( * To be used with adapter ADP-116) T-204* T-204N*
All other engines (incl.L-10, M-11, N-14, ISM,& ISN) T-203 T-203N
Detroit Diesel 60 Series, 50 Series T-201 T-201N
40 Series FG-5 FG-5N
30 Series F-111 F-111N
2000(V8 & V12), 4000 Series. DD13, DD15 & DD16 (All require ADP-211 adapter) T-211 T-211N
Other large engines T-201 T-201N
Series 53, 71, 92 and other small engines T-202 T-202N
Deutz Up to 130 hp, F5L912, F6L912 FG-7B FG-7BN
1011 Group (F3L1011F, BF3L1011F, F4L1011F, BF4L1011F) F-104 F-104N
F3L913, BF3L913, F4L913, BF4L913, F6L913, BF6L913, F8L413 FG-7 FG-7N
W1450 F-108 F-108N
Ford 6.9L Diesel & 7.3L Diesel (up to ’94) F-101 F-101N
7.3L Diesel (’95 & on), 6.4LDiese l(’08 – on), 6.0L Diesel (’03 – on) Powerstroke engines F-111 F-111N
All Other Diesel engines T-204 T-204N
Gasoline engines (See Light Truck Listing)  
Hino H06C, H07C, W04C, EC100 FG-7B FG-7BN
F21C, F20C, F17D, K13C, J05C, J08C,J08E,S05D, WO4D, H07C F-104 F-104N
DS50, EP100, EL100, EM100,E13C FG-7 FG-7N
International V304, V345, V392, MV404, V420 (6.9L), MV446, DT360 (up to ’93) F-101 F-101N
T444E, VT365 F-111 F-111N
V461, DT461, DV462, DT466 (up to ’93), V478, V537, V549, DV550, DV551 (9.0L), D150, D170, D190 T-208 T-208N
DT466 (’05 & on) Maxxforce 7, DT, 9, 10 engines F-104 F-104N
Maxxforce 11 & 13 engines T-211 T-211N
DT360 (’94 & on), DT466 (’94-’04), DT408, DT530, DT570, HT570 FG-5 FG-5N
Isuzu 2KL1, 3LB1, 3LD1,4BD1, 4BD2, 4BC2, 4BC1, 4HE1, 4JC1, 4JG1, 4JG2, 4BA1, 6BB1, 6BD1, 6BG1 F-105 F-105N
6BF1, 6HE1, 6HF1, 6HK1, 6WG1, 6WA1, G161, C240, 4LE1 F-105 F-105N
4BE1, 4BG2, 4JA1, 4JB1, 4ZC1, C223, C200 F-106 F-106N
6SA1, 6RA1, 6QA1, 6RB1, 6SD1, 6BF1, 6QA2, 8PA1, 8PB1, 8PC1, DA220, DA640, 12PB1, FG-6 FG-6N
10PA1, 10PB2, 10PC1, 10PE1, 12PC1, E120, DH100H FG-6 FG-6N
Mack Midliner engines F-109 F-109N
MP-7, MP-8 engines FG-8 FG-8N
MP-10 T-211 T-211N
E-7 Series, EM-7 Sereis, ASET engines F-105 F-105N
All other engines T-206 T-206N
Mercedes MBE4000 (upto ’05) requires adapter ADP-207 T-207 T-207N
MBE900 (upto ’05) FG-7B FG-7BN
’06 & on MBE900,MBE906,MBE4000, all require adapter ADP-22. Some oil pans require long body adapter
All other truck engines T-207 T-207N
Mitsubishi Fuso Heavy/Medium duty trucks F-104 F-104N
Light duty trucks F-106 F-106N
Paccar MX T-207 T-207N
PX-6 (6.7L), PX-8 (8.3L) F-104 F-104N
UD-Nissan NE6T, FE6T FG-6 FG-6N
Volvo Penta TD60A, TD70E, TD70F, TD100, TD101, TD120, TD121 T-206 T-206N
Volvo Truck 1983 engines, VED12D ,D-11, D-12, D-13 & Most late model engines FG-8 FG-8N
D-16 engine T-211 T-211N
All other engines T-206 T-206N

As of 3/13/2013